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From VAUEN, the pipes set Auenland

Following the success of The Lord of the Rings”, a collection with the name "Auenland The Shire" has been launched due to the high demand for this particular style of pipe. Auenland pipe with acrylic bit at end of stem for hygienic smoking - specially made by VAUEN used by Dr. Perl junior 9 mm active carbon filters.
The series Auenland includes the following models: Friddo, "Friddo S", Gilg, "Gilg S", Hugg, "Hugg S", Eron, "Eron S", Doran, "Doran S", Siman and "Siman S".

The new Almar model from the Auenland family captivates at first sight with its curving and extravagant lines.
We owe the newly created bowl shape to one of our esteemed employees, a trained sculptress, who has been learning the traditional VAUEN pipe-making craft with great dedication and skill for several years.
Thanks to its ergonomic design, the pipe rests wonderfully in the hand and is reminiscent of a magnificent, perfectly shaped tulip. The flowing colour gradient in the briar wood head, whether smooth or sandblasted, ensures a particularly elegant appearance. The long stem guarantees a relaxing and cool smoking experience. Like all the Auenland pipes, this one also comes in an attractive gift box.

In addition to other pipe models, our Auenland family includes various styles of tampers and tobaccos as well as a matching stand that turns the pipe into a complete work of art.

Pipe bowl made of briar wood, beech wood stem with integrated plastic tube for a hygienic cleaning, acrylic mouthpiece tip, of course suitable for the use of a 9mm Dr. Perl junior activated carbon filter of VAUEN.

Looks like very relaxed enjoyment and smokes all the more beautifully.The biggest selection and prices can be found here at, the shop that is online the longest.

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