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Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff Tobacco

Whistlers in over a hundred countries can not be wrong. Because in so many countries, Borkum Riff is now being exported, which makes it not only a truly international brand, but also one of the most successful whistle sabers of all time. Whether sales numbers provide a reliable indicator of quality is to be assumed. The fact that we at Borkum Riff, however, have to do with whistling whistles of the highest quality is undoubtedly. Originally the mixture was created in Denmark in the 1960s for pipe friends in neighboring Sweden. At that time, Borkum Riff was a very powerful blend that would probably never have had a worldwide success due to its remarkable strength. So his formula was modified; They created a milder blend of Virginia and Burley, which was finally completed by Bourbon. Finished was the classic of the house, the Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey. With it began the triumphal procession of the brand through the whistles of this world. Over the years, he has not lost any of his popularity with his followers. But the masterblders of the house did not rest on their own laurels, but they continuously supplemented the range. Particularly prominent are Cherry Cavendish - dark Kentucky and Burley, flavored with cherry and the touch of vanilla - and original. Borkum reef responded to the growing demand for natural tobaccos, so that the taste of the tobaccos of Virginia and Burley was prominent, while only a subtle vanilla aroma rounded off the blend. Borkum Reef Original, a natural tobacco, strong, yet gentle to smoke with a neutral, light flavor. Borkum Reef Original are specially selected and refined Virginia and Burley tobaccos with a light touch of vanilla. This tobacco has been carefully prepared and offers a unique smoking experience.

  • Borkum Riff Bronze (formerly Bourbon Whiskey) 50g Pouch or 200g can: A balanced mixture of Black Cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Philippines, as well as exquisite Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa. The over Eight years matured Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey gives this Mixture the characteristic, full-bodied flavor.
  • Borkum Reef Ruby (formerly Cherry Cavendish) 50g Pouch: Exquisite whistle tobacco in premium quality. This fruity blend of Black Caven dish from Africa and the Philippines, as well as Virginia tobacco from Brazil, Argentina and India are refined with delicate cherry aromas and a touch of vanilla.
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