Brigg, Tobacco of Planta

Brigg, Tobacco of Planta

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Brigg, Tobacco Collection of Planta

The basis of the Brigg mixtures are yellow to golden brown Virginias from Brazil and Zimbabwe, somewhat double fermented Black Cavendish and Burley, according to traditional procedures. Medium-strength mixtures, full-bodied and tongue-shaped, with the following Flavor notes:

  • Regular
    Yellow to golden brown Virginias, traditionally processed, long-fiber cut and refined with double-fermented back cavendish. Medium-bodied blend with fine tobacco flavor, soft in the taste by Black Cavendish and discreet aromas, which underline the genuine tobacco taste and round off the smoker's experience. Subtle aromas emphasize only the genuine tobacco taste.
  • V (Vanilla)
    Tobacco mixture according to old recipes: Virginia from Zimbabwe and Brazil, Cavendish and Burley. Soft, discreet flavored tobacco composition.
    A subtle fruit note with vanilla.
  • C (Cherry)
    Mixture of yellow to golden brown Virginias, long-fiber cut. Double fermented Black Cavendish and Toasted Burley complete the medium mix. Flavored with fruity cherry, full-bodied and tongue-like in taste.
    Fruity-sweet cherry touch.
  • C.A. (Coco Ananas)
    Tobacco mixture according to old recipes: Virginia from Zimbabwe and Brazil, Cavendish and Burley. Soft, discreet flavored tobacco composition.
    Exotic fruit note.
  • H (Honigmelone)
    Medium-fruity blend with fruity aroma of honey melons. Fine tobaccos. The room note also inspires the passiv smoker. Suitable for all pipe sizes.
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