Corno, Pipes of VAUEN

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Corno, Pipe Collection of VAUEN

The namesake of the most attractive collection, Corno, is the ornament on the end of the stem made from genuine Brazil horn. Made for Pipe Lovers with an eye for fine detail,trhe Corno is available in smooth light, smooth auburn and sandblasted finish. Always with standard mouthpiece and, of course, in white dot quality.

The contrast of the bright ornament of the auburn or sandblasted Corno variants makes the pipes a real highlight of any collection. The sandblasted version of the Corno offers better protectionfrom scratches and provides cooler smoking due to the increased surface area.

Bright or sandblasted, with a decorative piece of Brasilhorn at the edge of the holm.

The series Corno Includes the following models: 104, 166, 168, 177, 204 266, 268, 277, 504, 566, 568 and 577.

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