Curve, Pipes of VAUEN

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Curve, pipe series by VAUEN

Soft lines, fluttering proportions, the new curve. Reduced sophistication, perhaps the two words most aptly describe the clear and at the same time extraordinary design vocabulary of the new "Curve". Flowing, hand-caressing head looks whose look is more reminiscent of "pure handmade". With a smooth or intricately handcrafted finely "rusticated" and thus enlarged surface, which leads to a pleasantly cool smoking pleasure. The best offers can be found at Then the unusual design of the harmonious transition to the mouthpiece. All this together creates a fascinating experience.

The series Curve includes the following models: All models are designed for 9 mm filters. The mouthpiece is made of acrylic and only available in normal bite.

The CV * models are in white point quality.
CV 1 * in white dot quality, natural (light brown)
CV 4 * in white point quality, rusticated (brown)
333 * natural (medium brown). The smooth surface is cuddly in the hand and a special pickling technique ensures the attractive high-contrast appearance.
Bent: CV 130, CV 131, CV 132, CV 134, CV 430, CV 431, CV 432, CV 434, 3330, 3331, 3332 and 3334
Straight: CV 133, CV 433 and 3333 Whistle: CV 135, CV 435 and 3335

White dot quality: This abbreviation indicates pipes (VAUEN), which have a particularly attractive grain or elaborate production.

More Information
Item No. CURVE
information Curve, a pipe series of VAUEN | online cheap |
mouthpiece of the pipe Normal bit
Manufacturer VAUEN
Shape of the pipe curved, straight
Surface of the pipe sandblasted, smooth
Color of the pipe brown
Volume of the pipe normal
Manufacturer News Manufacturer News
URL Key curve-vauen
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