Holger Danske Tobacco of Planta

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Holger Danske

Holger Danske tobacco collection from Planta

  • C.V. (Cherry Vanilla)
    Blend of golden brown Virginia and Burley tobaccos, rounded with Black Cavendish. Fruity-sweet cherries and a little vanilla. Exceptional taste, subtle fragrance. Cherrynote with vanilla. A blend of golden brown Virginia and Burley tobaccos, rounded off with Black Cavendish. Fruity sweet extracts of ripe cherries, refined with a touch of vanilla. An experience for connoisseurs.
  • M.V. (Mango & vanilla) Bright, aromatic Virginias, rounded with Burley. Full flavor of ripe mango fruit. Long-fiber. Exotic fruit aromas. Exotic fruit punch with vanilla. A blend of the finest Virginia and Burley grades, slightly roasted. The aroma of mature mango fruits, rounded off with a trace of vanilla, gives this mixture its tropical flair. A smoke for the whole day.
  • V.O. (Vanilla & orange) Velvet-soft Black Cavendish, USBurley and Virginiatabake unfold the full tobacco flavor in the special fermentation. Rounded with subtle top flavor of finest vanilla and fragrant oranges. A pleasure "for the whole day". Decent orange-fruity, fine sweetness. Soft black Cavendish, spicy US-Burley and exquisite Virginiatabake unfold their full tobacco flavor in a special fermentation. Rounded with a top flavor of the finest vanilla and fragrant oranges.
  • Magic V (Magic Vanilla) Sonnengeregen Virginia, composed with Black Cavendish, Burley and little Orient. Elegant Irish single malt with the taste of barley dried in peat and the nuance of long storage in sherry barrels gives the mixture its characteristics. Irish Single Malt. Simply magical! Selected Virginias, Black Cavendish, Aromatic Burley form the contrast-rich mixture. Delicate vanilla notes, combined with delicate fruit extracts.
  • Royal Navy Flake Virginia tobaccos, slowly ripened under high pressure, rounded with a discreet, aromatic fruit note. Cooling burns bring the natural flavor of the flakes to the full unfolding. Traditional.
  • B.B. (Black & Bourbon) Black Cavendish, spiced with spicy Burley. Flavor with old bourbon whiskey. Long-fiber. Distinctive aroma. Bourbon whiskey. A Mixture with very soft, double fermented Black Cavendish flavored with US Burley. A balanced, flavored loaf in an original bourbon whiskey underlines the character of this mixture.
  • S.W. (Sherry & Whiskey) Virginia sunbursts, Black Cavendish, Burley and little Orient. Pure Irish Single Malt with the taste of barley dried in the peat and the long shelf life in sherry barrels.
  • Original Tobacco button Particularly aromatic tobacco varieties - seven Virginiagrade, exquisite spice beetroot and Black Cavendish are the result of a variety of different tastes - an original tobacco without flavor additives.
  • Double Fermented "Double Fermented" describes a tobacco that has already been fermented in the country of origin and is subjected to a second, special process in the tobacco factory which corresponds to a fermentation and frees the tobacco from the bitter proteins and leads to a very special harmony of the different tobacco- Degree.
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