Maris, a pipe series of VAUEN

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Maris, a pipe series by VAUEN

A dream in white. White mouthpiece with a meerschaum insert embedded in a red-brown bowl with a deep colour brilliance. Good moisture absorption by the fine-pored material of the meerschaum. With Army Mount mouthpiece. A dream in white. Spuma maris translated from Latin means meerschaum”, which inspired us to come up with the melodious name of our new white dot series Maris with its meerschaum insert. Its harmonious overall composition radiates pure harmony. The natural white underlines the deep colour brilliance of the glossy surface and brings out shine of the reddish-brown bowl. The polished silver ring creates a consistent transition to the white mouthpiece. In addition, the fine-pored material of the meerschaum ensures good moisture absorption, which in turn makes for a pleasant, dry and cool smoking experience. Let our white goddess enchant you and immerse yourself in a new world of pleasure.

WP White dot quality: This abbreviation distinguishes those pipes which have a particularly attractive grain or elaborate manufacture.

VAUEN Spring collection 2021 Cover

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Item No. MARIS
information Maris, a VAUEN pipes series |
mouthpiece of the pipe Normal bit
Manufacturer VAUEN
Shape of the pipe curved, straight
Surface of the pipe smooth
Color of the pipe brown
Volume of the pipe normal
Manufacturer News Manufacturer News
URL Key maris-vauen
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