Maximilian, Pipes of VAUEN

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Maximilian, Pipecollection of VAUEN

Classic Reinvented. Maximilian.

Classic beauty? Timeless elegance? Both describe our new Maximilian collection. Its clear and simple design has an appeal all of its own, highlighted by a silver and ivory coloured decorative ring between the shank and the stem. This pipe should be the staple of any aspiring tobacco connoisseur. Especially since it gives you the choice of either a regular or a P-lip mouthpiece. This pipe is aesthetically impressive proof that exquisite pipe quality doesn’t have to be expensive.

All designs available with: N= Normal bit mouthpiece; L= P-lip mouthpiece

More Information
information Maximilian, Pipecollection of VAUEN | online cheap |
mouthpiece of the pipe Normal bit, Peterson bit
Manufacturer VAUEN
Shape of the pipe curved, straight
Surface of the pipe smooth
Color of the pipe brown
Volume of the pipe normal
URL Key maximilian-vauen
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