Savinelli was founded in 1876 in Milan by Achille Savinelli - but not as you know it today, it was just a small pipe shop. 1881 he showed his first pipes at a trade show, produced according to his design. 1948 the family founded their own manufactory in Molina di Barasso. Now Savinelli employs 35 workers producing 70.000 pipes per year - which makes Savinelli to one of the largest pipe producers in the world. In spite of the high output, Savinelli pipes are famous for their perfect quality. Of course some production steps are done with machines, but the largest part is still pure hand work. Many pipe manufacturers outsourced large parts of their production - the creation of a Savinelli pipe however, every single step from the raw bowl to the finished product, is done on the Savinelli premises. So the family Savinelli, now in the 5th generation, has the optimum control over the quality of thei products, which is valued by the large fanbase. Savinelli pipes are available in quality pipe shops and can be ordered there for you.

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