The 6er tamper series of VAUEN

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tamper 6er

Tamper 6 serie of VAUEN

If one sets the tamper vertically on table already recalls the design a weing to a lighthouse. The cylindrical structure with the metal foot and this unique acrylic shell makes these pluggers special. The mandrel is pulled out and is held by a magnet fixed in the pusher. The mandrel is needed to the tobacco residue from the pipe to scratch. You have a choice of different colors and surfaces.
This tamper serie of VAUEN includes the models:

  • 603 : honey-colored , marbled course falls immediately apparent
  • 604 : classic horn optic attracted by its simple design
  • 605 : red , outstanding food pusher
  • 606 : Black , sleek design
  • 607 : beautiful, brown mottled Pluggers
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Item No. 2_STOPFER_6ER
Manufacturer VAUEN
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