Pipoo, pipes of VAUEN

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Pipoo, a pipe collection of VAUEN

Pipoo, the extravagant collection mega design. Now, four new models in cool colour on the market and in the scene are on everyone's lips. Who meets colour, is announced! For younger people back more often access to the pipe, Vauen has a completely new pipe in the program recently: the "Pipoo". The promises, namely, what matters in today's times: time saving. Rather than stuff them cumbersome, you simply put a pre-made tobacco portion. Finished kindling. "Currently, it is our racer with 50 000 copies already sold", Eckert is pleased. A rosy future now, albeit polluted. Pipoo pipes still enjoy due to increasing smoke-free policies of very popular. To indulge the short smoke outside the guest house or in short breaks, many users of the pipoo whistle but use their own, normal tobacco increasingly since the flavors offered by us, our pipoo tobacco portions offer too little variety. It is of course also possible conventional tobacco in the pipoo pipe smoking. However, the whistle because of the small size and features is relatively easy to hot, what should be avoided as far as possible, so that it is not damaged. It is important to slowly pull so that the development of glow is not too strong on the pipe. Design: Head of the smoke unit from Brier, acrylic mouthpiece.

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