Relief, Pipes from Stanwell

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Relief, Pipe Collection from Stanwell

Like all models of the Poul Stanwell Relief series, this pipe has an extraordinary elegance. It is a connector pipe, the transition of which has been refined. Really charming. This pipe is made of briar, with acrylic mouthpiece and double silver rings, with 9 mm filter, medium combustion chamber and light pipe design.

Mouthpiece made of acrylic
9mm filter

The Series Relief Includes the following models / Shapes: 011, 013, 015, 084, 088, 095, 109, 185, 207 and 246.

Pipes of a unique nature.
Briar grows in dry, unfertile areas of the Mediterranean. At the base of the tree, above the ground, grows a burl that acts like a reservoir of moisture. This burl often referred to as briar root is excellent for pipe making as this material have huge heat resistance. It takes decades to grow briar of sufficient size, and the best are hundreds of year sold.

A pipe has to undergo up to 120 processes and several quality controls before finished. As the grains of every block of briar is very unique, it takes a trained eye to enhance the beauty of every individual pipe. Finally fitting the mounthpiece perfectly in line with the neck of the pipe is a task requiring precision and skill. A signature design element of Stanwell pipes.

The pipe must facilitate an excellent smoking experience, be durable and rest comfortably in the hand. To some it is a treasured best friend, to others a valuable lifestyle accessory that fits together with the wardrobe. Pipe smoking is often enjoyed at more special and rare occasions; in solitude; with friends; but often indulgence is the centre of the experience.

Quality control:
Stanwell pipes have undergone thorough quality control. Assuming the pipe has been used gently and according with the guidelines on the followig pages, Stanwell offers full warranty. The tearms and conditions are further described in the enclosed certificate of quality.

Take care of your pipe:
Breaking in a new pipe. It is a good idea to smoke it slow and only half way full the firts couple of times.
Avoid burning the top of the pipe. When applying the flame to the tobacco, make sure not to burn the actual briar.
Avoid overheating. If the bowl feels to warm to be comfortable when holding it, put it aside to cool off. Always avoid jet flame lighters.
Avoid burnout. Avoid smoking the last bit of tobacco at the very end of the smoke as there is a change to demange the buttom of the chamber.
When emptying. Stir the last bit of tobacco amongst the ashes in the chamber. This will help absorb moisture and keep the bowl dry.
When removing the mouthpiece. Hold at the base as close to the neck as possible and screw off. Only do so when the pipe is cold.

More Information
information Relief, Pipe Collection from Stanwell | online cheap
mouthpiece of the pipe Normal bit
Manufacturer Stanwell
Shape of the pipe curved, straight
Surface of the pipe sandblasted
Color of the pipe brown
Volume of the pipe normal
Manufacturer News Manufacturer News
URL Key relief-stanwell-pfeife
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