Swarovski, pipes of VAUEN

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Swarovski, pipe collection of VAUEN

The Vauen Swarovski pipes belong to a particularly noble series. The highly polished black surface harmonizes perfectly with a silver ring, which is covered with individual Swarovski jewelery stones and connects to the acrylic mouthpiece. Here, the pleasure is not only to taste, but also to see. Swarovski - precious glass creations since 1895 The company Swarovski, after which the Vauen pipe series is named, was founded in 1895 by the glass sander Daniel Swarovski. It came about at a time when the crystal gas grindery was often done as a sideline of the farmers. This usually happened in handwork. Daniel Swarovski, however, developed a mechanical apparatus, which took over the grinding to meet the rising demand. In 1892, he filed a patent for his invention and laid the foundations for the company, which has so far been successfully operating. In the meantime, the small factory has grown into a large corporation with a large number of smaller companies spread all over the globe. In total, more than 30,500 employees provide annual sales of over 3 billion euros. Swarovski stands for luxury and elegance, simple beauty and precision. And so are the Vauen Swarovski pipes. These are characterized by a noble crystal glass application at the transition to the mouthpiece, the crystals depending on the model appear in one or two rows and in different colors. They stand out particularly nicely from the glossy black finish of the pipes. All Vauen Swarovski pipes are made of Bruyere wood and have a half-bent spar and a 9 mm filter bore. Their filling volume tolerates only a small quantity of tobacco, which is why the smokers' filling with a filling does not last very long. Although the manufacturer applies the Vauen Swarovski pipes as whistles for the modern and fashion-conscious woman, but also many a man will surely find them. The mouthpiece of this black Vauen Swarovski is made of high quality acrylic, the whistle head is made of briarwood. It is precisely this wood that is the basic prerequisite for every "real VAUEN" and bears witness to the high quality of the material. The mouthpiece should be characterized as a normal bite mouthpiece. Moreover, the filling volume, according to the dainty shape and size of the whistle, is small. This makes the pipe not only very elegant, but also feminine and light. This impression is especially emphasized by the ornamental ring, which is finished in perfect processing with white Swarovski stones. The resultant contrast to the black polished surface is optimally matched and makes the whistle a unique and shiny eyecatcher.

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