Tobacco of VAUEN

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Tobacco of VAUEN

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Two different types of Black Cavendish and Virginia in different width cuttings add up to a pleasant and gentle smoking pleasure. The surprising aroma of fresh and exotic fragrance of coriander in combination with a little honey make this mixture a very special one.


A well-balanced mixture of wholehearted Black Cavendish and naturally sweet Virginia. Fortified with the aromatic variety of hops, malt and vanilla, it exudes an extremely pleasant fragrance.

  • 04 Red Blend 50g

Fruity fresh smoking pleasure. A contrasting, opulent Wild Cut Blend composed of Black Cavendish, Brown Cavendish and red and gold Virginias. Carefully refned with ready rubbed and luxurious Cube Cuts. The deep-fruity taste of grapes, cherry and bourbon vanilla is perfectly accentuated on the palate and is reflected in a winning aroma. The attractive, different cut widths and cut types of this pleasantly mild tobacco lead to an even, cool burn.


This luxury blend is carefully composed of Broken Flake, Black Cavendish, various Virginia leaf and Burley. The finesse and fresh taste has been achieved by the popular bergamot that has made the noble namesake "Earl Grey" world famous.


Very gentle and pleasant blend with a high proportion of Black Cavendish, Golden Virginia, Burley and Broken Virginia flake. Deliciously flavoured with aromas from walnuts, vanilla and Mirabelle plums.


Premium blend of Brown, Golden and Red Virginia sheet goods in various cutting width. In addition black, toasted Black Cavendish for a cool burn. This mixture with a touch of Burley is completed. The aroma of strawberries and champagne makes a very pleasant fragrance along with a wonderful taste experience.


Finest, ripened Virginia tobaccos of from different districts unite by the special Flakebehandlung to a harmonious symbiosis, which is inspired by the natural sweetness. This specialty of special quality will convince all lovers of natural tobaccos. At the plug of the pipe the Flakescheibe should be rubbed on something, improve the ignition behavior.


A rounded, complex mixture of black and Brown Cavendish, a good portion of Burley, sun-ripened varieties of Virginia and naturally sweet Broken Virginia. This mixture with an exclusive and highly aromatic espresso taste is enriched. This nuanced, deep tobacco delights gourmets with the highest standards.


Perfectly balanced composition of Golden Virginia, Jet-Black Cavendish and Burley fine. Smooth, soft erosion by different cutting widths. Rounded off with the aroma of full-bodied red wine for a very pleasant fragrance. A masterpiece of the tobacco mixing art.

  • 22 ENGLISH BLEND 50g

A fine tobacco of a special kind: spicy Latakia and smooth Black Cavendish, seasoned with a pinch of Burley and golden Virginia. Terrific topped off with the sweet aroma of Bourbon vanilla.


A soft Virginia tobacco of the highest quality. Tobaccos of best Provinienzen spoil the red and orange - Virginia with a completely unobtrusive, natural, fine sweet bouquet. The many different cutting widths ensure a cool, steady erosion.

  • Z ZEPPELIN 50g

Mixture of handpicked Carolina bright, old-belt-Virginia, Kentucky, Black Cavendish and a pinch of Latakia in Syria. Looser, stuffing-friendly, extraordinary cut with sachtem burning and elegant room note. Soft and cool in the smoke with subtly tart and nutty aroma.

  • 150 / 151 JUBILÄUM 50g / 100g

A blend of the best Provinienzen of the world: Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana. Harmoniously coordinated with Black Cavendish, high-quality curly - cuts and Flake - pieces. The result is a premium tobacco of the highest quality and Raffinesse. The different variations provide a cool, steady erosion. The valuable mix is extremely soft and comfortable. The fruity flavour is unobtrusive and smoking as well as the environment.

  • 170 years 50g

How to celebrate our anniversary…
Maybe with one of our new pipes – but guaranteed with full taste and even more aroma: the anniversary edition tobacco – with a fine rosemary and lemon note. Something very special in fragrance and taste, and incomparably good.

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