Königlich-Preußisches Tabakskollegium, from Planta

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Königlich-Preußisches Tabakskollegium

Königlich-Preußisches Tabakskollegium, 1720 (blue) and 1722 (red) from Planta

  • 1720 blau
    Soft, double-fermented Black Cavendish with golden-yellow Virginias. Variant Cut. Discreetly sweet and fruity aroma with a slight caramel touch.
    A particularly gentle, double fermented Black Cavendish, carefully hand-blended with highly aromatic, golden-yellow Virginias. Rounded with a soft, sweet-fruity top flavor.
    Fruity touch and Vanilla
  • 1722 rot
    Matured Virginias and some roasted US-Burley. Discreet top-flavour with caramel and some sherry. Variant Cut. Unmistakeable aroma with characteristic fragrance.
    Spirits of Virginia, dipped in the "Cavendish" method, rounded with US Burley. The lively Mixture is given a gentle Caramel Top Flavor and rounded to a slightly mature, fruity Sherry.
    Apple – Vanilla
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Item No. 6_K-P-Tabak
Manufacturer Unitas ( formerly Planta)
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information Königlich-Preußisches Tabakskollegium, 1720 (blue) and 1722 (red) from Planta