Tradition, a VAUEN pipes series

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Tradition, a pipe series of VAUEN

TRADITION” Bruyère Extra A new class of pipe from VAUEN.
A true rarity that has never been seen at VAUEN. In the beginning, it all starts with briar wood, the popular material used by all classic pipe makers. Only premium woods with an excellent straight grain or bird’s eye grain are used for the TRADITION. Only 1 in every 1,000 pieces meets the strict quality criteria and is selected in our elaborate selection process from about 50,000 raw bowls per year for our elegant TRADITION models.
Such a rare occurrence deserves a very special treatment. So not only the raw material is of the finest quality, but the entire production process is highly specialised and demonstrates our craftsmanship par excellence. We have developed a special stain for the TRADITION, which is not used for any other pipe series from VAUEN. Following the staining process, the flawless and untreated surface is oiled several times and finished with a high-quality carnauba wax polish. This gives the pipe a velvety soft and intensively grainy surface. In addition, it has a handmade mouthpiece with a slightly crescent-shaped and very pleasant-feeling lip.
Other exclusive distinguishing features of the TRADITION include the slightly raised sterling silver ring incorporated in the stem and the hand-cast, genuine silver emblem with the known crossed pipes in the mouthpiece. After a final quality check, these unique pieces are stamped by hand with a newly interpreted version of VAUEN’s traditional stamp.
As an exclusive addition to our new TRADITION class, we also offer an extraordinary, hand-turned pipe tamper as part of the set, finished in the style of the TRADITION pipe models. An extravagant product that you can buy so cheaply at The TRADITION pipe tamper feels wonderful in your hand, reminiscent of an old-fashioned seal stamp, it is also equipped with a slightly raised sterling silver ring, a hand-cast silver emblem and a silver-coloured aluminium tamper plate.
The individual pieces in the TRADITION range are available in a high-quality packaging and with a certificate featuring a genuine, old-time VAUEN wax seal. You can choose between a single pipe or a set including a stylish TRADITION tamper. These elegant pieces are available at selected specialist dealers. Each TRADITION is absolutely unique a real homage to pleasure. That you must see, feel and appreciate. Turn your pleasure into a TRADITION.

VAUEN Autumn 2020 Cover

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information Tradition, a pipe series of VAUEN |
mouthpiece of the pipe Normal bit
Manufacturer VAUEN
Shape of the pipe curved, straight
Surface of the pipe smooth
Color of the pipe brown
Volume of the pipe small
Manufacturer News Manufacturer News
URL Key tradition-vauen
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