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Tobacco Collection W.Ø. Larsen

  • 1864:
    1864 is an exclusive blend of tobaccos from three continents. Exquisite Virginia from the USA and Malawi complement each other with Black Cavendish and American Burley - Loose Cut and Ready Rubbed from Mexico, with aromas of Irish Cream, Orange and Chocolate.
  • Avalon Mixture:
    Avalon Mixture is a creation of the finest Virginia tobaccos and Black Cavendish. Broad-cut, deep red Virginia is refined with some red wine. This gives Avalon the unique, very fruity aroma.
  • Belle Epoque:
    Belle Epoque is a blend of Virginia, Burley, Orient and flavor. The tobacco is pressed and then cut into small cubes. Black Cavendish and light Virginia are then added. Refined with rum and the flavors of mango, maracuja and vanilla from Madagascar.
  • Black Diamond:
    A blend of extra wide-cut Burley, Virginia and Oriental tobaccos. The Black Cavendish has a long maturation period and gives the mixture its full character, rounded off with fruity aromas.
  • Classic:
    Golden Virginia from North Carolina and selected foliage from Brazil, Zimbabwe, Mexico and Malawi are carefully treated with some Black Cavendish. A blend of Loose Cut and Ready Rubbed tobaccos. With aromas of caramel and vanilla refined.
  • Indigo:
    Indigo is a mixture of Virginia and tobaccos from Zimbabwe, supplemented with Tennessee Burley and double fermented Black Cavendish as well as a Golden Virginia in three different cut widths. Honey, vanilla and plum flavor round off this mixture.
  • Lotus:
    Lotus is a unique blend of Danish Black Cavendish, Brown Cavendish and delicate Virginia tobaccos. The mixture is rounded off with coconut and vanilla aromas, which give it the special flavor.
  • Old fashioned:
    Old Fashioned is made according to a traditional blend recipe. Virginia tobaccos mature under a press to make tobacco cakes and are then cut and loosened. Dried Burley, also pressed into pressed cakes, rounds the mixture with fine aromas of maple syrup and coffee.
  • Royal Danish:
    Royal Danish consists of bright, mature Virginia tobaccos from three continents and a mild Black Cavendish. An exotic fruity aroma completes the mixture. 
  • Signature:
    Signature Mixture is a creation of mature American Virginia, Burley from Mexico and sweet Virginia from Malawi. The blend is rounded off with Black Cavendish, Loose Cut and Ready Rubbed. Delicate aromas of wild berries, vanilla and caramel.
  • Golden Dream, formerly Master's Blend:
    A mixture of golden yellow Virginia tobaccos and mature toasted Burley, which is matured by a light pressing process before cutting. A Danish Black Cavendish and fruity aromas round off this mixture.
  • Spring Meadow, formerly Master's Blend:
    Two Black Cavendish portions complement each other with toasted Burley and mature Virginia tobaccos, with ginger and fruity aromas for a perfect taste. 
  • Scarlet Passion, formerly Master's Blend Sweet Aromatic:
    A blend of Black Cavendish, full Virginia and blends of Burley leafy with fruity aromas for a sweet taste.
  • Curly Flake No. 32, formerly Selected Blend no. 32 Curly Flake:
    Lemon yellow and orange Virginia tobaccos from the USA and Africa are pressed after the preparation and rolled into strands. After a long ripening, they are shaped into square rods and sliced. A complete and sweet taste.
  • Maple Mixture No. 50, formerly Selected Blend no. 50 Sweet Mixture:
    VirginiaTabak is cut loose in the Loose Cut and complemented with Black Cavendish, granulated Cavendish and fully mature BurleyTabaken. Only sweet, full-bodied BurleyTabake give this mixture its exquisite flavor. Aromas of honey and syrup round off the tobacco.
  • Mahogany Mixture No. 80, formerly Selected Blend No. 80 Aromatic Mixture:
    Various Virginia sorts and a Black Cavendish are the basis of this blend flavored with coffee and caramel. The addition of ripened Burley leaf material completes this mixture.
  • Classic Delight, formerly A True Delight:
    A classic blend of Black Cavendish, Orange Virginia, Burley, and bright, broad Virginia tobaccos are blended with a Dark Virginia and some Latakia and supplemented with fine vanilla flavor.
  • Classic Elegant, formerly Fine & Elegant:
    Bright, ripe Virginia from Brazil, hand-picked, double-fermented Black Cavendish and light Burley are the basis of this mixture. Refined with aromas of amaretto and lime.
  • Unique, formerly Simply Unique:
    A Black Cavendish from Old Belt Virginia and Tennessee Burley form the basis of this mix. To this, Virginia tobaccos from Africa and the USA as well as broad-cut bright Virginia. Aroma: Hickory nut and vanilla with a deep, fine-sweet note.
  • Larsen's: This mix is ​​composed of golden yellow Virginia tobaccos, Black Cavendish and the addition of a full Burley. The special aroma of hickory nut gives this tobacco a soft, balanced taste note. Unit: 50g bag or 100g can
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